Spring Cleaning out your Product Drawers


My favorite season is approaching – summer in Detroit – but before that, I’m doing some spring cleaning, baby. Every once in a while, I dump my drawers and my closet onto my floor and toss out the rejects. ‘Out with the old, In with the new’ doesn’t just refer to my ex-boyfriend, but also to my hoarding problem 🙂

In case you’re one of those that ‘doesn’t pay attention’ – your beauty drawers and cabinets need a cleanse. Products expire, collect bacteria, and lose effectiveness over time. That’s right, your favorite mascara you’ve been using for a year may give you an eye infection. The perfume that’s been exposed to too much sunlight, has probably lost its scent and might just smell like alcohol now. No worries – I got you. Here are a few of my useful tips on treating your products right and getting rid of that bad juju weighing you down.

Pay attention to expiration dates and shelf life

Look for a printed expiration date on the bottom of the bottle or a shelf life symbol with a number inside. 12M means 12 months which is the amount of time you can use the product after opening it. If you know you’re well past the expiration of the product, toss it! Trust me, those products are no longer serving their purpose.

Keep your products out of the sunlight & store in a cool and dark place

I take this tip so seriously that I bought a mini fridge dedicated to my precious skin products. The sun and heat kill active ingredients in products and cause them to separate if exposed for too long. I typically stick to skin care that is all natural and non-toxic, which means a shorter shelf life once the product has been opened. Storing moisturizers, face masks, sheet masks, etc. in the fridge helps those natural products stay super fresh.

Say goodbye to the products that are collecting bacteria

Mascara tubes? Lip gloss? A tub of moisturizer that you have to stick your hand into? Get rid of that shit. Mascara should be replaced every 3 months at a minimum; The wand on mascara does nothing but collect bacteria over time, which is spread to your eyes every time you apply it.

It may kinda suck coughing up the cash on products you ‘think’ are still fine to use, but the money is well worth the risk. The products that touch your face and skin absorb into your body, which is something you generally don’t realize when storing products for years on end. Bacteria are collected fast and spread faster-causing infections, cystic acne, and rashes – all of which I personally don’t want, and I’m sure neither do you! Be nice to yourself this year – stock up on some new non-toxic and vegan goodies, throw out anything you bought in the 10th grade and kick those old habits goodbye. Happy Spring friends 🙂

Nina Nafal is a Detroit based Hairstylist, and Makeup Artist, with a creative eye towards business and social media. She spends her extra time focusing on ways to feel your best mentally and physically, and promotes living a positive and impactful life.

Photos: Nina Nafal