#WCW Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

By: Katy Cockrel

Happy IWM! We are so excited to celebrate women — both in the present and historically — who have made moves, made a difference and sparked change! Stay on the lookout, because every Wednesday, we will feature our new #WCW, give you the rundown on why that woman was selected, and how she inspires us.

The youngest person ever to serve in the US Congress, at 29 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made waves since she took office in January 2019.

We love her because she is ‘the every girl’. The fighter in all of us, the dreamer, the doer, the action taker. She’s also a pretty great dancer. She brings a sense of wit, charm, and humor to what often feels like a stodgy workplace and…the clincher: it doesn’t interfere with her ability to get stuff done.

Her platform includes Medicare-for-All, a federal job guarantee, The Green New Deal, abolishing the enforcement of U.S immigration and customs, free public college and trade schools and a 70% tax rate for income levels above $10 million, and she has only been in office for two months!

We have one decade to get control of our carbon emissions, The Green New Deal, if executed, would aggressively reduce our carbon footprint, create new jobs in renewable energy, and hopefully change the outlook of our planet. But, it’s only the beginning, all the details have not been ironed out, and in its current state, it isn’t yet up for a vote. But that doesn’t mean we’re any less excited or any closer to shifting our gaze from  Ocasio-Cortez — if for no other reason than her clap backs at congress.

Katy Cockrel is the co-founder of Detroit Blows and serves on the advisory board of the salon’s philanthropic arm, Detroit Grows. In addition to her role at Detroit Blows, she currently serves as Vice President of public relations at StockX. She holds a dual B.A. in political science and public relations from Wayne State University.