Transgender rights activist Janet Mock


Janet Mock is a transgender rights activist, New York Times Bestselling author and tv host.

At age 15, while starting her sophmore year of high school, she spoke her truth to a room full of her peers; declaring that she would no longer be referred to as Charles, but Janet. And she began her 10th grade year being her most authentic self. We can all admit, high school can be one of the hardest times in our lives, and to keep from standing out, a lot of us did our very best to always fit in. Janet decided that “fitting in” to society’s antiquated views on gender no longer served her, or the world. If the option was to keep everyone else comfortable while being miserable, she chose instead to prioritize her own pathway to happiness.

In 2011, Janet came out publicly through an article in Marie Claire. Since then she has become a powerful advocate for the transgender rights movement.

We chose her as our #WCW because she reminds us that when you live your truth, the Universe will make space for great things to happen.

Janet has always been a journalist, and now she had the opportunity to tell stories in a different way. She even started the popular hashtag #GirlsLikeUs to empower transgender women to do the same.

She went on to produce HBO’s The Trans List, host the podcast Never Before, and continues to serves as a guest columnist for Allure. She was a featured speaker at the historic Women’s March on Washington and even had time to pen two memoirs and make the New York Times Bestsellers list. And if that wasn’t enough, last year she became the first transgender television writer of color on a network show in history, for Pose on FX (which she also produces and directs)! And even still, she is forever an activist, holding the door open for everyone behind her.

Each of the women we have featured this month have one thing in common; they have taken life’s obstacles and created opportunities. By doing so, they have not only uplifted themselves, but entire communities. They are inspiring reminders that sometimes in our wounds lie our gifts.

Nia Lauryn Batts is the co-founder and CEO of Detroit Blows; voted 2018’s Best Salon for a Blowout by Hour Detroit Magazine. She formerly held positions at Viacom, Warner Music Group and Island Def Jam Records. As a producer, her projects have been nominated for Emmy, Peabody, NAACP, and Banff World Television Awards. Nia resides in Detroit and Los Angeles, where she volunteers as a birth doula, and continues to find herself at the intersection of entertainment and impact.