Non-Toxic DIY Lip Scrub


Lillian here, your new favorite lifestyle guide bringing you all things beauty.  

Your cherry red and plum lipsticks are ready to come out of storage. Fall is upon us and unfortunately so is the dry air. You might have noticed your lipsticks are showing up with cracks and your lips feel a little dull. It is not you, it’s the season. Luckily, this is avoidable with gentle exfoliation and some lip TLC. You probably have everything you need sitting in your kitchen. Herein lies our go to DIY lip scrub, and it’s two of our favorite things: non-toxic and affordable.

You will need 5 ingredients for this lip scrub: brown sugar, honey, coconut oil, water, and an essential oil of your choosing. You’re now four quick steps away from the lips you know and love.  

1. Grab a little bowl and mix the sugar and honey together till you get a consistency you can work with. I like to do a 2:1 sugar and honey ratio. The thicker the consistency the more exfoliation. If you just need a light pick me up, add some more honey!  


2. Drop an essential oil of your choice to give you that luxurious feeling and smell (my favorite is cinnamon to get in the fall spirit). There is no limit on how many drops. Some prefer heavy scent and some prefer none at all. This step is optional, but will give your scrub a little extra “umf”. You will smell (and taste) the brown sugar and honey combo, so do not feel obligated to go crazy on the oils!


3. If you want a gentle exfoliation like I always do, scoop some of the mixture with your finger and rub for about 1-3 minutes. If the dry weather has gotten the best of your lips and you need some extra love, I usually grab a toothbrush and scrub away.


4. Once your lips are feeling reborn, wash them off with lukewarm water and slap some coconut oil on to give them that hydration.


Your lips are now ready for what the cold months have in store and all of the fall lipsticks your heart desires. Stay tuned for the fall lippies that have us looking and feeling our best!


Lillian is a content creator specializing in makeup, skincare and curly hair. She uses her artistic background to inspire women to be there best selves.

Photo: Lillian Elliott