My Favorite Fake Beaches


Fall is here babe, and even though we can no longer justify spending our days off lounging at the beach, who says we can’t pretend? Born with roots in the desert of the Middle East & Egypt,  I know a thing or two about curing the dryness – I mean, olive oil is the name of the game over there. With colder months up ahead, I’m bringing you my guide of summer essentials to make the season last all year long.  Still looking for some UV protection, extra H20 and all those rad waves? Follow me.

Turn up your heat, load your favorite summer playlist – mine is Summer Hits of the 90’s – and try throwing some of my favorite products into your routine. Even if your best beach days are behind you, I promise these products will make you look and feel just a little bit closer to the sunshine.


1. Loma Dry Texture Spray

A blowout and some waves? My go-to move. Any hair will drip the word texture at all times thanks to this spray. The process goes like this: spray on dry hair, throw in some waves with a curling iron – keeping hair straight at the ends and alternating the direction of the curls (pro tip: for a more natural look, make sure the waves around your face are facing away), spray some more texture spray, then use your fingers to shake out your hair. We both know you didn’t just walk off the beach, but I promise not to tell your dirty secret.


2. No. 4 Reconstructing hair mask

A reconstructing and hydrating hair mask is the extra H20 your locks need this Fall. Recovering from the summer heat is no joke, so I use this time to deep condition every inch. The unique blend of Soy and Sweet Potato Protein packed in this treatment reconstructs and strengthens your strands. Once a week, after shampooing, brush this product through your damp hair and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with cool water to lock the moisture in, and block the weather out.


3. Playa Endless Summer Spray

On days that I skip the blowout, I like a product that will give me texture and definition to my natural waves. This Endless Summer Spray gives you just that with its rich blend of brazilian nut oils, pure sugars, and a marine collagen complex. For finer hair, spritz on damp from roots to end, tousle your hair around a bit and go. If your locks a bit thicker, this spray is perfect to use while wet, before diffusing your natural curls.  Simple, easy, and either way giving you the movement and the UV protection we didn’t know we needed all year long.


4. Detroit Rose Glow Mask

You know that ‘natural glow’ everyone talks about? Well I found it. As a face mask junkie, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a natural, non-toxic mask that will hydrate my skin instead of drying it out. This glow mask is the one that came up on top ladies. The simplicity of the ingredients – Rosehip Seed and Kaolin Clay – allows you to mix any amount of oil or liquid to the dry mix. In a small mixing bowl, I add a tablespoon of organic coconut oil, a drop of rosehip seed oil, dab of vitamin-e oil, and the clay mix. ( I usually add the clay mix in until the consistency reaches a liquid paste, that I can paint on my face with a flat face makeup brush.) For the most effective results, you want to apply masks to clean and dry skin. Since this babe is extra moisturizing, it won’t dry completely- leave it on for 10-15 minutes depending on how much TLC your skin needs. I like to use this mask once a week for a gentle exfoliation, Vitamin C replenishment, and a glow that truly lasts me days.


5. Derma E Vitamin E Oil

Hydrating? Antioxidant? Anti-Aging? Vitamin E oil is the holy grail of beauty products. It does everything from reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, to healing sunburns, wounds and scars; while giving your skin a maximum amount of moisture and glow. The diversity of this oil is what I love the most, I’ve used it as a pre-makeup moisturizer, to heal the burn my curling iron gave my face, and to give my face a natural glow on days I go without makeup. To squeeze in that extra moisture daily, gently pat the oil into clean skin every night before bed, your future self will thank you.


6. Shea Moisture African Black Soap & Bamboo Charcoal Scrub with Tea Tree Oil

Heading into these colder months, means our skin is taking a dry hit too. Sometimes washing away your dead skin feels like washing away your problems. Once I exfoliate, I’m a new person – new skin, new life, new attitude, and no patience for the negativity I just ceremoniously got rid of. I love this Bamboo Charcoal scrub from Shea Moisture as a weekly full body exfoliant. Turn the temperature up in the shower to get your skin extra steamy, apply the scrub to your entire body, let it soak in for a minute or two then using circular motions, use your hands to gently rub that dead skin away. Once you start, it’s a ritual you won’t be able to go without.

Now that you have all the dirty summer secrets, stay tuned for our upcoming Instagram giveaway for a chance to receive all of these bad ass babes on us…a gift that’ll keep on giving.


Nina Nafal is a Detroit based Hairstylist, and Makeup Artist, with a creative eye towards business and social media. She spends her extra time focusing on ways to feel your best mentally and physically, and promotes living a positive and impactful life.

Photos: Nina Nafal