Morning Routine – Maximizing Your Energy


As a woman of color, Brazilian and an immigrant, it takes a lot of energy to keep fighting for what I want every day. From the time I moved to the United States on my own at 16 years old, to this day; full-time wife, and chasing my wildest YouTuber and Lifestyle Blogger dreams. Also, let me remind you as unique as my life story might be, you have your own, and it is just as important as mine. But how are we moving our dreams forward in such an energy-demanding world?

Hi Badass ladies – and men -, let’s talk ENERGY realness. The energy that we all want to have day in and day out. The energy that fuels our work, our care for the ones we love, and finally, the energy that makes us work so hard for that dream we have.

I’ve established a morning routine that fuels me and takes my energy to another level to conquer my dreams, to love those around me, to grow, and most importantly to impact the world positively. So, I will skip the basics, such as: make your bed and brush your teeth, and lay out the things I do that you may want to add to your routine.


1. Stretch

Change your physiology, change your life. This comes down to your mind-body connection. By moving your body, you immediately change your emotional state. The mind will reflect your physiology by responding for example to its tension, how you breathe, and how fast you move. So take charge of your morning by waking up the mind gently, and letting your body guide you to start with a positive, energy filled day. It works even during the day if you need a boost of energy: try jumping up and down for 30 seconds; it is magical.


2. Meditate

WHY is it that meditation keeps following everyone around like a hot topic? Because everyone has stress, and it seems that most people don’t have the time for it.

Meditation is exactly to mediate both of these issues; your stress and your busyness. Stress steals your energy; it uses energy to focus on the issues that you are most likely wasting time on, instead of tackling actionable, reasonable, and right in front of you tasks that lead to the bigger issue.

The benefits of meditation are enhanced when your mind is free and clear before the stresses of the day have presented themselves. And if you have any anxiety like I sometimes do, this might be your new best friend. Just like stress, anxiety steals your energy, but meditation brings it back.

The endorphins released by your meditation will make you feel more awake and alert. A side effect will be your improved focus.

I suggest you try either Headspace or Simple Habit.


3. Lemon, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar

Known for its weight loss benefits, this small step goes beyond just looking good. ACV has also been shown to have antiviral and anti-yeast and -fungal benefits, all helpful in supporting microbiome and overall immune balance, and finally digestion. This is a step to start your gut in the right direction. Your gut dominates your life and having your digestion and microbiome working properly can aid with your overall well-being and energy. I actually don’t crave my coffee first thing since I started this hack. I go a while before I need one.

1 tablespoon of ACV

Juice of 1 whole lemon (don’t be afraid of drinking the pulp)

And lots of warm water – I like about 14-18oz


4. Devotional/Journal

There is research out there that proves that the consistent practice of journaling helps you meet your goals or even improve the quality of your life – ENERGY -.

It can make important connections between thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and clear your head. This is your moment to wake up the BOSS BRAIN. Start the ignition and UNLEASH all the energy you have inside.

It will boost your mood. It will enhance your sense of well-being. So what are you waiting for?

I personally am consistent with my practice of reading the Bible App Devotionals. Here are some reading recommendations if you want to check that out.

A Wife’s Greatest Influence

Crash The Chatterbox

I’m Confident

I simply pick a devotional, and write down in my plain journal my takeaways and sometimes my prayer. You do you. So here are some journals to get you started:

$21.67 For the Activist

$29.00 For the Optimist

$34 For the Adventurer on the Go

Guided Journaling / Inspirational:

$34.95 Happiness Journal

$12 Wellness Log


5. Efficiency Planning

Please don’t say you are busy, join me in being efficient. Now that you took care of yourself, it is time to take care of the things you will do today by using a planner. Energy will be wasted if you aren’t prepared to tackle your tasks. This is your time to organize and make it happen.

As a boss wife, I have found my home workspace to be the most important space for me to get things done. The tools you have around you can also either save you energy or drain you. So I have prepared an Amazon List with all the goodies I personally love that are essential in making my day efficient – thus using my energy the best way possible.

Game changer planners I recommend:

Block planning and weekly view

Daily appointments and to do lists

The combination of these tips first thing every morning has improved my life and energy levels significantly. Even in bad days, my environment is set up to make me thrive, and I want the same for you.

If it wasn’t for this routine, being a full-time university student, full-time real estate professional, wife, having a social life, taking care of my home, cooking for my diet, working out, producing, filming and editing youtube videos, and being a blogger for years of my life, wouldn’t have worked. Now is your turn.

If you implement any of these in your routine, let me know how it goes by reaching out at my instagram page @urmullenhealth or send me an email at


Ursula Mullen

Photos: Ursula Mullen