Detroit Blows Turns One!


Happy 1st Birthday Detroit Blows! I am so proud of this business baby of ours, my soul sister Nia! And Katy, and our entire team. We did it!

Over the past year, as Nia and I have talked about our business, the first question we’re usually met with is “why a salon?” And the second is always “why Detroit??” So let me take you back a bit, dear readers…

A few years ago, a group of our girlfriends needed to get our hair done for a wedding. When we went to a popular service salon, the women of color in our crew were charged extra service fees for “thick hair.” This was despite the fact that one (non WOC) gal had longer, thicker hair than any of the rest of us. As we dove into the issue, we discovered that our friends with wildly curly hair didn’t experience a the texture upcharge, despite their “thick hair” or “texture.” We were pissed. And we knew we needed to learn about the industry so we could figure out how to — or if we even could — work at dismantling this obvious unfairness. So we got to studying. And as we learned about the hair industry, we discovered that beauty is one of the most segregated industries in the nation. We also learned how toxic the products are, and thus how polluting the footprint is — think about the water and the air you’re breathing — in most salons.

That’s where our situational anger and industry frustrations turned into problem-solving ambition. We decided we would try our hand at changing the industry. We knew we could put together a business plan for a salon. Just one to start, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere. We knew we could build a business that was really a space for women to feel both safe & beautiful. We knew we could create an intersectional community gathering venue where women could commune. We knew we could commit ourselves to non-toxicity standards that align more with Europe than the United States, where beauty product ingredients haven’t been regulated since the 1920s and thus are full of scaaaaary stuff! We knew we could invest — through our own profits — money in other female entrepreneurs in the local area. That’s what our reinvestment arm, Detroit Grows, is all about. And we knew we could invest in a city we love that deserves love in support for sports teams and local business and tourism, sure, but also in infrastructure-creating economic support. And so here we are.

Building a business isn’t easy, y’all. No matter how things look from the outside, it’s crazy hours, tight margins, and a wild learning curve. But our business is now 365 days old! We have exciting plans & big goals to expand, and to hopefully innovate the beauty industry as we do. And we will always stay true to our mission to elevate all women through love & community.

Thank you all for taking this ride with us. To the folks in our local community who show up for blowouts, roller sets, and the rest of our services; for nails, eyelashes and more; who help us pay it forward through Detroit Grows, thank you. And thank you to our community at large that follows along via our socials and cheers us on. We see you and we love you!! My heart is BURSTING!!

We’re looking forward to taking you way Beyond The Blowout!


Sophia Bush is an American actress, activist, entrepreneur, and global education access advocate. Over the course of her career, Bush has captured film and television audiences alike with the diverse characters she portrays. Bush is also an early stage tech investor, who looks to bolster companies that create innovation and efficiency in people’s lives.

Photo: Hudson Taylor